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Narmin Nahidi

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

My professional odyssey commenced in the year 2000, driven by a profound desire to nurture my insatiable thirst for knowledge and stimulate my intellectual faculties. It is this very drive that propels me forward, serving as a constant reminder of the importance of self-encouragement and the relentless pursuit of curiosity. Each day presents an opportunity to challenge myself, to continuously inquire, and to acquire fresh insights. This commitment to lifelong learning has become the cornerstone of my professional journey, propelling me to embrace each day as an opportunity to expand my horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the world around me.

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Welcome to my website

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Finance at University of Exeter

MSc International Business Online Programme Director

Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist Level 7 Convener

Adjunct Professor in Fintech in Corporate Finance

ESC Clermont Business School

My purpose in life is to learn new things every day.

Enthusiasm for Financial Technology, Climate Change, Diversity, Equality, and Human Rights!

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-Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Finance

University of Exeter

2023- Present

MSc International Business Online Programme Director

Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist Level 7 Convener


-Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Finance, Accountancy, and Business

University of Central Lancashire


As a highly experienced Lecturer in Finance, Accountancy, and Business, I've built an extensive history of cultivating academic excellence at the University of Central Lancashire. I'm renowned for delivering innovative curriculum frameworks that foster comprehensive understanding and a dynamic learning environment. Recognized as an expert in facilitating scholarly discourse, I continuously drive improvement and empower students to realize their full potential in financial acumen and business savvy.



-Adjunct Professor in Fintech, ESC Clermont Business School

2022- Present

As an esteemed Adjunct Professor in Fintech, I bring a wealth of expertise in the cutting-edge intersection of finance and technology. I am recognized for pioneering the development and delivery of a contemporary curriculum, incorporating emerging fintech trends and innovations. My commitment to encouraging critical thinking and cultivating a dynamic, interactive learning environment enables students to become industry-ready professionals with an advanced understanding of fintech applications.



-Business and Financial Consultant, Saman Andishan Yekta Institute

2022- Present

In my role as a Business and Financial Consultant at Saman Andishan Yekta Institute, I deploy my extensive knowledge of financial principles and business strategies to assist organisations in achieving fiscal and operational excellence. I am recognised for formulating bespoke solutions that boost profitability, streamline processes, and mitigate risks. My consultative approach, coupled with a deep understanding of market trends and economic factors, empowers clients to navigate complex business landscapes and attain their strategic objectives.



-Research Assistant, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Aug 2018-July 2022

As a Research Assistant at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, I applied my extensive knowledge of financial principles and business strategies to support multiple research projects and initiatives. I was known for generating valuable insights through comprehensive analysis and meticulous data interpretation. I consistently demonstrated a commitment to scholarly integrity and excellence, making significant contributions to our team's understanding of complex financial concepts.



- Financial Consultant, Saman Andishan Yekta Institute, Tehran, Iran

March 2014-Aug 2018

As a Financial Consultant, I leveraged my comprehensive understanding of finance and business strategy to provide clients with valuable advice and services. I was trusted for my ability to analyze financial circumstances, understand client goals, and develop strategic plans tailored to their specific needs. Through meticulous financial analysis and forecast, I helped clients make informed decisions, achieve their financial goals, and secure their financial futures.


- International Business Director, Aryadalman Co. and agent of Biochem mbH (Germany), Sanovo Group (Denmark), Staalkat (Netherland) and Ovotherm (Austria)

Oct 2009-March 2014

As an International Business Director, I led and managed a multitude of global projects, leveraging my extensive understanding of international markets and business dynamics. I was recognized for my ability to devise strategic initiatives, navigate cross-cultural barriers, and orchestrate successful business ventures across diverse geographies. My proficiency in facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration, aligning with corporate objectives, and delivering upon key performance metrics significantly contributed to the worldwide growth and success of our business.


- Intern (Financial Department), Kuehne+Nagel Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

March 2009-Sep 2009

During my tenure as an Intern in the Financial Department at Kuehne+Nagel, I acquired valuable exposure to various financial operations. This involved collaboration with a team of financial professionals, gaining insights into corporate finance, assisting in financial analyses, maintaining financial records, and actively participating in financial planning meetings.


- Foreign Commercial Manager, AKS Steel Co. Tehran, Iran

Sep 2008-Oct 2009

As a Foreign Commercial Manager at AKS Steel Co., I successfully navigated international markets, effectively identified and leveraged business opportunities, and fostered beneficial relationships with foreign partners. My leadership in cross-border negotiations, export operations, and regulatory compliance resulted in increased profitability and market presence, validating my expertise in international trade and business development.



- Business Development Manager, Hirbodan EPC Co. Tehran, Iran

Dec 2007-Aug 2008

In my role as a Business Development Manager at Hirbodan EPC Co., strategic initiatives were executed to expand our market footprint, involving forging strong relationships with key industry stakeholders. Expertise in pinpointing potential business opportunities and prowess in contract negotiations significantly boosted the company's revenue and growth. Understanding project management thoroughly and securing lucrative deals underscored my substantial impact on the company's market expansion.



- Business Expert, GBA Co. Tehran, Iran

Sep 2004-Sep 2007

During my tenure as a Business Expert, I utilized my extensive knowledge and insight in the business field to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and spur growth. My role involved advising on strategic business decisions, leading to optimized performance and profitability. With a focus on achieving business objectives, my contribution significantly enhanced business efficiency and success.



- Accountant, Aim Corp. Tehran, Iran

Sep 2001-June 2004

In my role as an Accountant at Aim Corp., I diligently managed financial records, executed comprehensive financial analyses, and ensured compliance with financial laws and regulations. My responsibilities also included preparing accurate financial statements, developing efficient financial strategies, and assisting in budget preparation. My commitment to financial accuracy and strategic financial planning significantly contributed to the company's financial health.



Since the start of their career, I has been committed to producing a high standard of published work. They have a number of upcoming articles earmarked for scholarly journals currently in peer review.

Working Papers:

Papers in Primary Stage:

  • Menstruation and Acquisition Performance. Co-authors: Stefan Hirth Ph.D. Professor of Corporate Finance, Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, Department of Economics and Business, Denmark / Arman Eshraghi Ph.D. Professor of Finance and Investment, Deputy Head of Section for Research, Impact and Innovation Cardiff Business School, UK/ Izidin El Kalak Ph.D. Professor of in Finance Cardiff Business School, UK.

  • Neurofinance and Non-Fungible Token. Co-author: Bradley S. Paye Ph.D. Professor in Finance, Pamplin College of Business Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, United States.

  • Non-Fungible Token payment and method of payment in corporate takeover. Co-author: Thomas W. Lauer, PhD. Professor of MIS, School of Business Administration, Oakland University, USA.


  • Translation of Harvard Business Press « Executing Strategy » Pocket Mentor (August 2009) University of Applied Science of Tehran, Tehran

National Academic Publications:

  • Alignment between marketing and customers’ reciprocity behaviour (May 2017 Journal of Open

  • Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity) Solo Author.

  • Export Import Apple from Iran to Iraq. Journal of Management Faculty, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran, Iran (January 2017) Solo Author.

  • Export Import Pistachio from Iran to Russia. Journal of Management Faculty, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran, Iran (December 2016) Solo Author.

  • Money Laundry in Corporate Companies. Journal of Management Faculty, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, Tehran (March 2016) Solo Author.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Business Management. Journal of Management Faculty, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran, Iran (October 2015) Solo Author.

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I'm an artist. I see life from a different perspective. I see life in a colorful and joyful way!

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